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Established in 1953, our mission at Discovery Montessori is to provide an environment dedicated to the goal of personal development and excellence in education in the Montessori tradition for all children in a safe, home-like environment. Our school is equipped with all new scientifically prepared Montessori instruments for students independent learning.

Helping your child to discover the hidden genius within

Our Programmes

Preschool in India

When the little tots starts playing with blocks and another items, their whole body and sensorial nerves helps them acquiring problem solving skills. It gets them to an early start of taking their world in the ...
nursery school in india

Our curriculum works on them to ensure, they are ready to become global citizens and leaders. Our scientific approach enhances their ability to learn quickly gets manifold increased. Exercises helps them understanding the ...
LKG Admission

Our LKG environment encourage them to learn abstract principles and by now they start believing in themselves become sensitive to other kids. At Discovery Montessori, conducive environment is created for ...
UKD Admission

Learning by doing environment though Montessori methodology coupled with American curriculum at Discovery Montessori, ensures children are ready to take a grand leap to formal schools. One on one attention ...
Daycare Franchise

Daycare facility is available to children of certain age group in certain locations. The daycare has a structured program which encourages each child to realize I am and expand to I can . The caregivers are ...

Why choose us over others?

At Discovery Montessori Preschool we offer a learning environment to foster your child's creative, emotional wellbeing and intellect. We provide a quality Montessori education to help your child grow to his or her fullest potential. We have created a unique Montessori preschool curriculum to enable your child to reach and maximize his or her full potential.

Franchise India

Well thought out American curriculum blended with scientific way of teaching and learning. Truly Montessori Methodology & Montessori Lab Environment.

DMPS Franchise

Personalized attention to each and every child from experienced trainers. Teachers are trained on Montessori Methodology to work on childs specific need.

Internation School Franchise

International Hygiene and Safety standards with Live streaming of child activity on internet through CCTV for parents. Learning with WiFi, GPRS enabled fully loaded TAB.

School Franchise in India

Activity centers with different models helping child to discover the hidden genius within. Very conducive, green and enabling environment in school premise.

The most important period of life is not the age of university studies but the first one, from birth to the age of six. For that is the time when mans intelligence itself, his greatest implement, is being formed.

Dr Maria Montessori

Teaching Learning Methodology & Curricular Activities

Pre School & Day Care

Activity Based Projects

Discovery Montessori activity based learning methodology is to learn more by doing activities.

Play School India

Montessori Based Teaching & Learning Method

Development of the basic elements of character: freedom, concentration, independence, self discipline and sense of reality.

LKG & UKG School

USA Based Curriculum & Certification

E-Learning reference Tab

Hi-tech e-learning reference Tab for every student equipped with latest learning methods.

Play Group & Nursery

Arithmetic Development

The world of numbers and their function is presented to the child through interactive manipulation.

IEduvent Group

Sensorial Development

The main purpose of sensorial materials is to refine and develop the child through the senses.

Language Development

Montessori class room provides sandpaper letters, the movable alphabet, object cards & wide variety of language materials to make the child learn.

Discovery Montessori India

Loving Facilitators

Daycare in India

Specially Designed Nutrition Chart

Parents are advised on nutrition chart by top nutritionist to take care of every child health.

List of Pre School in India

CCTV Surveillance Access To Parents

Centralized Surveillance through CCTV from Head Office & live streaming provided to parents

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